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Greek Island or Epirus
First half 19th century (1800-1850)
A rare, exquisite Ottoman-influenced Greek embroidery on hand woven linen. This textile is a tour-de-force of embroidery styles: the central area consists exclusively of flowers of many hues created with silk chain-stitch, while the outer pattern bands are of silk and metal threads organized by musabak stitch, satin stitch, slanted satin stitch, counted chain stitch blocks, and double running stitch. Typical of some textiles of the Greek Islands, many panels were embroidered and then connected by handworked decorative needlelace. Backing is of an fine, old red twill cloth. Two channels to hold a hanging rod were added much later to the top and the bottom. Condition is very good, with many minor stitch losses, the largest being considerable loss to two of the large central blue flowers. Several 0.5 cm worn spots on one of the pattern panels. Minor loss to parts of extreme edges. 40" x 66"
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