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north coast of East Java
[Image depicts folded textile] " A dramatic silk batik shoulder-cloth (selendang) from Juana or Rembang on the north coast of East Java, hand-drawn with the quintessential motif of silk batiks—the bird known as lokcan—and dyed in indigo blue top-dyed with reddish-brown kayu tinggi on an ivory ground. The lokcan have 3 long tails that resemble multiple wings, giving them a mythical character, and are associated with the Chinese phoenix. They are surrounded by a wandering creeper connecting a wide variety of motifs—carnations (teardrop-shaped with spiky petals), passion fruit (larger, bisected motifs), horseshoe-shaped pods, 4-petalled flowers, leaves, and butterflies. Bearing flowers and large fruit. A large part of the textile's beauty is its great length, accentuated by the rhythm of 4 pairs of more slender lokcan alternating with a single fatter one, and the flow of curving motifs down the cloth. Of particular note are the spiky extensions of the motifs, called ren (thorns), that give a striking, sharp character to the design, and complement the solid dark forms and curves of the motifs. (See R. Heringa & H. Veldhuisen, Fabric of Enchantment, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1996, 190, for a similar example.) The textile is finished at each end by a finely striped width that imitates a fringe, as well as an actual attached fringe. TYPE: SHOULDER CLOTH WITH LOKCAN (SELENDANG LOKCAN) Origin: Indonesia, Java, Juana or Rembang, 1900 - 1930 Technique: Hand-drawn batik (tulis), natural indigo and kayu tinggi dyes " Good condition, with overall even wear, a few small holes. 20" x 120" "
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