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Mid Edo era (1750-1825)
A treasure ship, constructed of relatively course satin or silk and metallic thread braiding and couching on a fine felt background. One of the most colorful of Japans New Year's legends has it that the seven gods of good fortune ride down from heaven into human harbors on the first three days of the New Year in their treasure ship (takarabune), bringing presents for children. Their treasures, for example, are said to include a hat and robe of invisibility, an inexhaustible purse of gold, scrolls of wisdom, a divine robe of feathers, as well as jewels and rolls of brocade. Daikoku's mallet, moreover, is said to produce coins when struck, and Hotei's bag to contain endless treasures. Orange silk edging and backing . Some loose threads in the embroidery, one tiny round hole in the felt, and splitting and breaking along the edging. On the whole, in good condition. 24.5" x 25.5"
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