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Probably Spain, Italy or France
Second half 17th c to 18th c (1650-1775)
This remarkable embroidered panel surrounds a painted depiction of the Annunciation. A combination of silk and metallic threads, as well as silver and gilt sequins and pleated narrow strips of silver sheet with traces of gilt; this embroidery is executed on a rich hand woven brocade background with metallic threads throughout. The resulting Rococo inspired design is exquisitely realized, with a perfect balance between embroidery and painted design. The sequins were created by forming tiny rings of silver and then beating (or possibly pressure rolling) them into flattened disks with a hole in the center. The various silver elements of the embroidery have tarnished with age but still show traces of gilt. This panel appears to have been re-backed in the 19th century, and perhaps at the same time some (20% ?) of the embroidery was redone (mostly the reds and beige). This textile/painting has various age imperfections. There are losses to some of the silver pleated strips emanating from the dove and at the bottom of the composition. Some of the sequins are missing here and there, but most are intact. The dove, which was created in shallow relief, has lost much of its body embroidered surface. The brocade ground is splitting slightly here and there from age and there is light staining in places. The painting has areas of loss and wear from folding and rolling. Most of these imperfections can be seen in the detailed images. Despite these imperfections, this panel still views well with considerable visual integrity. Overall the colors are still fresh with little fading or darkening. 43” x 22”.
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