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Pekalongan, Java, Indonesia
"A wonderful Peranakan Chinese batik sarong hand-drawn with a magical design and breathtaking workmanship. Great azure blue and true red carnation blossoms present a luxurious richness of primary colors, with restrained detailing that enhances their elegance of line and movement. These large flowers form a dramatic contrast with the minute detailing of the caramel colored backgrounds—the Chinese banji (inverted swastika, each 5 mm square) in the body and coiled leafy tendrils in the head panel (kepala)—creating a sense of scale and depth of field. The ochre blossoms offer an interesting suggestion of shadow, and are neatly replaced by white ones in the kepala, which give an impression of light. The 3-dimensional effect developed by Chinese batik-makers to a fine art is seen in the different vertical halves of the long, thin, graceful leaf blades that contribute much delicacy to the design. The red leaves are in 2 different shades of deep and pale red, and the greens are particularly beautiful, one half with yellow feathery detail on dark green, and the other not green at all but alternately brown and white on blue—the overall effect is remarkably sparkling, and the leaves also change when they twist over. Small multicolored butterflies with bright solid segments, also finely detailed are scattered throughout, and show a great variety of angles and form. Of special note are the exceptionally pretty garlands forming the borders, that bridge the large flowers and tiny backgrounds with a miniaturized version of the main flowers and leaves, and even incorporate half of a 5th bouquet into the right side of the head panel. A round ink chop at bottom left on the body side has the name "Tan Ping Hian Batik” together with an injunction in Indonesian not to copy this pattern. This sarong is in excellent condition, with only a small tear along the upper edge, and 2 very faint shadows, to the right of the head panel and on the left of the body—these are barely visible at all. The colors are very rich and intensely saturated, and the pastel caramel is soft but with depth. The cotton is fine, of a prized heavier weight, smooth and cool to the touch, with a firm body and slightly crisp texture." 41" height x 40" wide (80" unstitched).
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