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late 19th century (1875-1900)
An unusual embroidered runner that the Chinese likely created for the export market during the late Victorian period. Each of the five sections was created separately and then stitched together. Besides satin-stitch style embroidery, there is profuse couching embroidery. Very good condition. 17" x 50" Special note: The background color is a dark green: not the darkest of greens, but medium dark and very clearly green when one is viewing the physical textile). Another feature of note - that could be looked upon either favorably or unfavorably - is the fact that due to the immense amount of embroidery and couching work creating various tension contractions, that there is prominent fabric dimpling/waviness that is much more apparent than the gallery images suggest. I would suppose that the best way to display this textile is with lighting coming from a few different angles, as the described waviness creates many small shadows from one-directional lighting.
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