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Mid Edo (1750-1800)
A fine framed silk panel - likely a fukusa - featuring two magnificent 'minogame' (min-o-gah-meh). The minogame is a Japanese mythological animal - with a life span of 10,000 years - that is part turtle, part dragon, symbolizing longevity and good luck. The name 'minogame' translates to 'raincoat turtle', referring to the growth of vegetation or seaweed which gradually covered its back as it grew older, making it look as if it was wearing a peasant's straw raincoat. Some say that the minogame is the servant of the Dragon Empire beneath the sea. On this particular panel, these minogames and surrounding waters are constructed of very finely-rendered superb metallic-thread couching. Background silk is a dark blue. The framing looks to be of approximately second quarter of the 20th century, and textile has not been removed since that time. Very good condition, with one missing black fabric for a pupil (see detail image). Embroidery itself measures 27'5" x 24", 31.5" x 28" w frame.
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