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A fine, hand-spun, hand-woven, plain-weave cotton tsutsugaki panel. The circular crests were created utilizing rice-paste resist, then dip-dyeing the natural white textile into indigo. It is thought that these crest patterns were selected for their symbolic value and were unrelated to family crests of the bride and groom. The panel consists of four 12" wide strips stitched together. The hanging tabs at the top are newer additions. Good condition, with some fading, staining and several patched holes. 53" x 48". This example resembles a similar one depicted on page 76 of the publication “Country Textiles of Japan: The Art of Tsutsugaki” by Reiko Brandon, 1986, with additional description and dating on pages 116-117: the simple light blue and white colors and the designs of scattered crests are common in tsutsugaki cottons made in the Izumo area of Shimane Prefecture.
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