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Mid to late Meiji (1880-1912)
A hand-spun, hand-woven, plain-weave cotton tsutsugaki matrimonial blanket that features a phoenix about to alight on the branch of a paulownia tree. The phoenix and the paulownia are intimately associated in Japanese legend – the phoenix will only alight on the branches of this tree. A composite of several animals, the phoenix is a symbol of peace and the rising sun, a bird whose song is particularly musical and auspicious. Because the phoenix is the female counterpart of the male dragon and its varied colored feathers represent the traditional virtues of truthfulness, propriety, righteousness, benevolence and sincerity – it is an auspicious bridal motif, hence popular in tsutsugaki textiles. Orange, blue, charcoal, moss-green, grey, brown on indigo background. Four-panel construction. Very good condition, with minor staining and patching. 48" x 60".
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