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early 19th century (1800-1825)
A rare Chinese early 19th century embroidered cover featuring a massive crane. This unusual textile is similar in some ways to the Japanese gift cover (fukusa) but much larger. Although the layout is similar to a style of a rank badge of similar age, leading one's mind to consider a much smaller textile, this embroidery is in fact about nine times the size of those. This textile came from a California estate, and seems to have been collected and framed in the 1920's. The textile is in good condition: none of the abundant embroidery is damaged, however, there are several silk splits within the dark silk background, including a long split noticeable in the image at the extreme lower right edge, near where the facing cloth joins with the backing cloth. The four corner tassels are in good condition. The box frame itself is also in good condition, framed by a firm called "Village Frame". The textile itself measures a full 37" x 36", and the frame 45" x 42".
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