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Late Edo to mid-Meiji (1850-1900)
A hand-spun, hand-woven, plain-weave cotton tsutsugaki matrimonial blanket. Chinese lion and peonies form a traditional combination motif that decorates wedding tsutsugaki bed covers such as this one. In Japan, lion and peonies have been associated with Buddhism since early times, and seem to be related to the Noh drama 'Stone Bridge', in which a lion appears and dances energetically among peony blossoms to celebrate longevity and felicitous life. Following yin and yang cosmology, a lion is the masculine manifestation of energy while peonies are that of beauty and sexuality. The lion-peony motif is therefore especially appropriate for the sacred occasion on which a man and a woman join together to begin a new life. Three-panel construction. Shades of blue, natural white, pink, red, brown and grey on a dark-green background. Very good condition, with vivid colours: a ragged area on one edge and corner. 41" x 50"
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