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dated 1854
A silk brocaded uchishiki featuring various auspicious Buddhist motifs. The clouds: imbued with religious significance originating from Buddhist and Taoist traditions, clouds (kumo) feature extensively in Japanese design as a symbol of divine authority. A cloud no longer appears as the floating cloud we are so familiar with but as a five-colored cloud representing a Buddha descending to earth. The peacock: dignity and beauty; the phoenix: the five human qualities of virtue, duty, correct behaviour, humanity, reliability; the crane: longevity. On white silk lining there are kanji figures that indicate that this religious cloth was first dedicated in the year 1854 (Ansei 1), and then rededicated in the year 1890 (Meiji 22). Good condition, with several tiny round pinholes as well as a light stain in one corner. 26" x 26"
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