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dated year 1903
A silk tapestry-woven uchishiki featuring phoenix, peonies and lotus motifs. Very good condition. 25" x 25" along sides. Peonies are associated with nobility. The phoenix is very auspicious: it represents longevity, resurrection, the solar and alchemical fire, peace and tranquility. The lotus is an important Buddhist motif: images of the Buddha and other important persons often are shown seated on a lotus throne. The growth of the lotus, with its roots in mud, growing through water, and emerging as a wonderful plant above the water's surface, is seen as an analogy of the soul's path from the mud of materialism to the purity of enlightenment. The 3 stages of the lotus, bud, utpala (mid-blossom) and the full blossoming throne represent the past present and future respectively. Of the four colors of lotus, the white lotus represents the state of spiritual perfection and total mental purity (bodhi). On this textile there is a deep red color band situated about the lotus: red is a sacred color, one of the colors of the five Buddhas and the color of the monk's garments. Red is believed to have protective qualities, and is the color of powerful rituals and deeds.
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