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Late Edo (1825-1868)
A silk fukusa featuring fine yuzen-dyeing and embroidery highlights. The subject of this art piece is Jimmu Tenno, the first Japanese Emperor, upon whose bow, history relates, a hawk alighted one day, to denote victory and conquest. Very good condition: corner tassels missing. 26" x 29". The very beginning of the Japanese imperial line was said to have been started by the mythical Divine Warrior Jimmu Tenno. Jimmu Tenno was believed to have been in direct blood line to the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu. As history unfolds the early accounts of Japanese history remains quite unclear. There are general notions of events, but because the Japanese did not have a writing system until the Heian Period, the Chinese were the ones who created many of the historical details. According to writings, Jimmu died when he was 126. This emperor's posthumous name literally means "divine might" or "god-warrior". It is undisputed that this identification is Chinese in form and Buddhist in implication, which suggests that the name must have been regularized centuries after the lifetime ascribed to Jimmu.
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