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late Edo (1825-1868)
A chirimen (crepe) silk fukusa featuring a wise man gazing at a peach tree, with a nearby stand containing a basket of plucked fruit. This gift cloth was created with a bevy of techniques: yuzen-dyeing, sume-e painting, rare bi-color sagara embroidery, and metallic thread plain embroidery highlights. Very good condition. 26” x 30”. 'Momo' means a peach in Japanese and has been traditionally regarded as an auspicious fruit possessing some mysterious power that brings happiness to the people since mythological ages in many legendary stories. For example, the peach holds a special position as the tree of the Taoist genii or Immortals; it is the Tree of Life at the centre of Paradise. It is also the Tree of Immortality and one bite of the fruit growing on the tree in Paradise confers immediate immortality. The peach tree is a symbol of spring, youth, marriage, wealth and longevity. Peach stones were 'apotropaic' (a ritual observance that is intended to turn away evil) and were beautifully and symbolically carved and kept, or worn, as amulets and talismans.
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