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Taisho (1911-1927)
A fine 'Ro” sheer summer silk "miyamairi" kimono, one utilized to drape over a one-month old baby boy during rite of passage at a Shinto Shrine. There is a second companion garment: a plain 'Ro” silk inner juban. This kimono features the rare ocean scene many flying seagulls. The Shinto religion regards the white seagull as being more spiritual and therefore closer to 'kami' than many other parts of Nature. Noteworthy is the fact that the Shinto Kabushima Shrine of the Hachinohe district serves as a habitat for forty thousand seagulls. Hachinohe is located in the flatlands on the east coast of Aomori prefecture, on the northern edge of Japans main island, facing the Pacific Ocean. Very good condition 32” x 37”.
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