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mid-19th century (1825-1870)
A rare and unusual embroidered wool rug of a Kazak style. In almost perfect condition, with damages to the silk lining. 70" x 50". The images show the story: we have here a rug that we can provide no reliable provenance, as we do not know whether it was produced in central Asia, or alternatively, in the U.S or Western Europe. The natural dyes, the age of the European-style metallic border and silk embroidered monogram on the fine silk point to a mid-19th century dating of the lining and border. Two people with a fair amount of experience in the fileld of Cental Asian rugs looked at images of this textile, and concluded that the rug must have been created in Europe or North America, as they know of no embroidered rugs from the Kazak area; they also point out that the patterns seem to be distorted. A knowledgeable viewer will have to look at the images and make up their own minds. I do know that embroidered rugs, although rare, did exist in Central Asia: Christies sold an example some years ago, but this was from a different Central Asian region.
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