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Java, Indonesia
late 19th to early 20th c (1870-1920)
A very fine old unusual batik constructed of two cloths sewn together. Poor condition, with various - some large - holes resulting from an acidic mordant burning away the cloth. 40" x 41". This is a very delicate cloth, and should be stabilized, as it is extremely easy with the slightest tension to increase the holes that are already present. The cloth is so unusual - to our eyes at least - that we could not pass up the opportunity to purchase so that we could hopefully pass it on as a textile study piece. The batik workings on this cloth are very fine, and seem to be in more of a tribal nature than batik that one normally comes across. It was difficult to obtain the proper colors for this textile: the actual colors are shades of a chestnut-like brown. The detail images links below the main gallery image are of very small portions of the cloth (maybe about 1" x 1" views each?)
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