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Early Showa Period (1926-1940)
A stunning, superb example of meisen silk art. This exceptional panel was taken from an Haori. The background is a scarlet with flowers in yellows, ivory, blues, greens & reds. The main design feature the Phoenix with ivory head,breast, underwing & some tail feathers, with sunflower yellow on the wings, eye and tail. Peacock blues & greens on the back and wing with sky blue tail feathers all brought to life with striking black highlights & grey detail. A subtle metallic thread woven through the beak & some of the peacock style tail feather 'eyes' to give an added lift to the design. Condition is very good, with one small darkish teardrop mark with an even smaller one below it, and two small holes just a little larger than pin size. These are near the centre, on the upper Phoenix's breast there is a small 'butterfly' shape made up of tiny pinholes - something must have been sewn on here at some point. 11" x 48".
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